We have officially begun! The project broke ground at the beginning of this month. We potholed utilities, removed some existing flatwork and leveled and compacted the site. After some wet weather, we were able to mobilize our shoring sub and begin installation of the shoring beams. Beams will extend roughly 30′ below grade and the beams, combined with 3×12 lagging boards will make up the shoring system that will allow us to dig our deep footings safely.

Beam installation will continue throughout the week. Next week we will begin lagging and finalizing our sub-grade pad elevations. There will be deliveries of lagging and concrete throughout the week and heavy equipment moving on site. Our next step after shoring will be to install our sub-grade utilities beginning with our secondary electrical conduits from the street to the location of our main switch gear inside the building. Thank you to the neighbors, pedestrians and vehicles that have patiently heeded our flaggers and tolerated the sounds of construction.